Front of 1849 Marshall Ave.

Front of 1849 Marshall Ave.

Trinity City Church is now the owner of 1849 Marshall Avenue. Due to the outpouring of support from individuals and ministry partners, we raised enough funds to close on this property at the end of 2015. We are once again asking for you support in order to make vital improvements to this property. 

Our Current Need

We're now entering the final phase of raising funds so that we can make improvements to the building. The key focus is raising enough funds in 2018 to re-shingle the roof in 2019. As of the summer of 2018, we hope to raise another $60,000 to cover this large expense. 

Partnering with us is not merely for the sake of a dry roof, but you're also contributing to what God is doing at this location as we use this building for urban mission. Here is more about our story at this location, and the opportunity it gives us and you. 

 Restoring a section of the roof with water damage.

Restoring a section of the roof with water damage.

Our story at this location 

On October 10, 2010 a new church launched at 1849 Marshall Avenue. Trinity City Church spent two and a half years at this location. And though we made an attempt to purchase the building in 2012, we had to move on - one mile south to 1935 Princeton Ave. in 2013 - because the building sold to a different organization.

 Launch Day on October 10, 2010. 

Launch Day on October 10, 2010. 

Fast forward two and a half years. In August of 2015, we found out that 1849 Marshall Avenue was going on the market again. Over the course of the next couple months, we made an acceptable offer to purchase this building. We celebrated our "homecoming" service on February 7, 2016. 

Since the beginning, we had a vision to be physically present in these urban neighborhoods and among our neighboring campuses: the University of Saint Thomas, Macalester College, and Saint Catherine University. A high percentage of our congregation lives within five miles of this location, and we are making our home here in order to join God in the renewal of our neighborhood and campuses.

This building is more than just a facility - it represents to our neighbors and our local students that we’re here for the long haul. We’re not going anywhere, and we’re committed to serving this community with the gospel for generations to come.

 Homecoming Celebration on February 7, 2016

Homecoming Celebration on February 7, 2016

A meetinghouse for our city

This building is in a strategic location, and our vision is not just to make a home for our church, but also to make a meeting place for the neighborhood. We’d like to remodel office space for non-profits working for the common good of our city; invite other churches or ministries to make use of the space with us; and open our doors for neighborhood or student groups to hold meetings and events. We want to see life happening here on Sundays and every other day of the week.

How to Support Us

You can support this effort in a few ways:

Pray - Commit to praying for us. If we build this ministry at this location without the Lord, then we build in vain.

Donate - Help us raise $60,000 more by the end of 2018. These funds will help our long-term financial stability in the building, and also repairs/updates to the building to make it an even more effective asset for the mission of the church.

To record your commitment, please click here and fill out a short form. 

How can you give? The best way to give is by going to, follow the instructions there, and designate your donation for “building.” You can also give by mailing checks to:

Trinity City Church 1849 Marshall Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55104

Finally, give thanks to God with us for the great opportunity. May we use this building for his glory, and the good of our city and world!