The mission

Our ethos describes the beliefs and values of our community as we seek to live out the calling of Jesus. Our church exists to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ who join in the renewal of our city and world through the power of the Holy Spirit. In Christ, we join the mission as: 


God saved us to glorify and enjoy him forever. By God's mercy to us in Christ, we are being renewed through the Holy Spirit not only to sing God's praise, but to present our entire lives in worship to him – to love God with all our heart, soul, and strength. We worship God not only as individuals, but also with our local church every Sunday when we hear God's word preached, take the Lord's Supper, and pray for the Spirit to empower us to live for his glory.


God has adopted us to be a family who lives as a counter-cultural community. In Christ, our heavenly Father made us his children who walk according to the Spirit. The Holy Spirit forms a community of radical reconciliation, loving accountability, and selfless service. Thus the church family is different from the culture around it not only in what we believe, but also in how we live. 


God redeemed us to be servants who do acts of justice and mercy. The Father gave us his Son, who took the form of a servant and humbly gave his life, so that now the Spirit enables us to follow Jesus' example, counting others more significant than ourselves. The ministry of Jesus not only included the forgiveness of sins, but also the relief of poverty, hunger, and injustice. Like Jesus, the church lovingly serves and meets the basic needs of our neighbors, whether they share our faith or not. 


God sends us to be witnesses who proclaim the gospel. As the Father has sent his Son, so Jesus sends us to share the gospel through the help of the Holy Spirit. As a community of witnesses, we are deeply connected with both those who embrace this faith and those who are exploring. Our hope is to see the gospel spread throughout our neighborhoods, campuses, city, and world in a variety of ways, but especially through the starting of new churches. 


God calls us to be stewards who integrate our faith and our work for the good of all people. The Spirit equips us to work for the Lord Jesus as we fulfill God's purpose of making creation flourish. We have a responsibility to use our talents, time, and vocations to bring a measure of healing to God's creation whether we're constructing buildings, practicing law, mending broken bodies, or nurturing children. We seek to apply the mission of God in every kind of work. 

the mission applied in all of life

We seek to glorify God by living out our mission and identity in every area of life including our:

  • Personal Life (devotions, prayer, character)

  • Relationships (family, friends, housemates)

  • Vocations (career, calling, projects, retirement)

  • Knowledge (theology, science, law, how to make paper airplanes)

  • Art (creating, cooking, building, painting, music)

  • Recreation (celebrating, eating, resting, camping, playing)

  • Public Life (volunteering, civic involvement, faithful presence)

  • Local Church (gospel, sacraments, accountability)

Christian presence in every neighborhood

What would it look like if we carried out this mission as worshipers, witnesses, family, stewards, and servants in every area of life? What would happen? Each neighborhood of our city would have a Christian community applying the renewing power of the gospel in every area of life.

We have a vision to make the gospel walkable by multiplying Christian communities and churches in every neighborhood of our city.