In the fall of 2008, Pastor Bryan and his family moved back to Minnesota to start a new church with the support of Hope Community Church in Minneapolis, Evanston Bible Fellowship in the Chicago area, and the North Central District of the EFCA. The vision was to start a city church among the several colleges and universities in Saint Paul. On July 12, 2009, we held our first time of corporate worship at a house in Highland Park (pictured above). The church began to grow, and on October 10, 2010 the church officially launched at 1849 Marshall Ave. in Merriam Park. In 2012, we hired our second pastor–Pastor of Operations Nick Wiesneski. On February 6, 2013, we moved our Sunday Gatherings to 1935 Princeton Ave. in MacGrove because the building in Merriam Park sold to another ministry. However, in August of 2015, 1849 Marshall Ave. went back onto the market and we made an acceptable offer to buy the building. We closed on the property in December of 2015, and re-launch from our church home on February 7, 2016. Our church continues to draw students, young professionals, and those who are exploring the Christian faith.