Leadership Teams

Directional Team

The Directional Team consists of both the Overseer Team and the Deaconess Ministry Team. The Overseer team is responsible for the welfare and spiritual direction of Trinity City Church and the Deaconess Ministry Team support the overseers in this responsibility. All team members affirm the Theological Ethos for Ministry. The Overseer Team includes Ben Wright, Bryan Lair, Charlie DeZiel, Dayton Daberkow, and Juan Soto. The Deaconess Ministry Team includes Brianna Rodgers, Pati McConeghey, and Stef Wiesneski. 


The Deacon Team serves a wide variety of practical tasks within the church and is mainly responsible for the leadership of individual ministry endeavors. The team includes: Brianna Rodgers, Laurel Reed, Micah Taylor, Pati McConeghey, Al Morrall, and Stef Wiesneski.

Governance Team

The Governance Team has full authority to run the business affairs of this church. This team includes: Bryan Lair, Chuck White, Denny Meints, Kate Hinrichs, Jack Reed, Mark Pitts, Megan Arneson, and Ryan Damhof.