How to Pray for North MPLS

I recently asked Scott Ginn, the Executive Director of Antioch Ministries in North Minneapolis, how we can be praying for this community (the video below gives an overview of this ministry). Here is Scott's response:

Please continue to pray for justice and peace. Pray for our Antioch youth as they process what's happening. For some it's very traumatic, for others, they don't know much about what's going on. Our leaders are just needing discernment for how we engage with the kids and being able to know where each of them are at in their processing, and to meet them there. We are trusting God's Spirit to give us this wisdom moment by moment.

On the broader community level, pray that the police will put down their weapons and not escalate things. Pray for more transparency in the process. Pray that the protestors can continue to have the strength to be peaceful and to self-regulate those who are not being peaceful as it hurts the cause and the voice. Pray that people will seek to listen, seek to understand, learn the history of oppression in this country, because it helps put understanding to our present circumstances.

Pray that the community – all involved – will come together. I, as well as some other Antioch folks, have spent some time down at the precinct. I was there [recently] and it honestly felt like church. People bringing firewood, food, warm clothes to each other. Talking together, people praying over the space, listening to each other. Thankful hearts. Just happy to be together.

Pray for the presence of God to be there, and pray for His people to show up.

Trinity City Church, let's be in prayer.

Here is a video overview of Antioch Ministries:



Posted by Pastor Bryan