Summer Connecting and a Prayer Quilt

If you had told me a year ago that I would have a yard full of Trinity folks at my house on a Thursday night, I would have thought, “Well, it wouldn't have happened because I probably didn't even know these people at that time.”

I remember when I first came to TCC last summer. I came because of my love of Jenna. I came to pray with my friend. I cried. I wanted to come again. I came again. I brought my family. I stayed. I'm still here.

That is the power of relationship, of connection. Our lives have been changed by that one invitation, from Jenna, to know her a little better. My hope is that a million of those little moments happen for all of us as we gather in homes and yards this summer to know one another a little better.

At the first social, I learned that Lisa is from Apple Valley, Jole is only leaving us for a year, and Rachel had a rough Thursday. I learned Reed was not married to Laurel, McKenzie comes from an island, and Marshal had a bike accident. Pete and Sara grew up near the town Steve and I used to live in, and Megan remembered that I did not get to try her amazing dessert last time she made it – so she brought it again and gave me the first piece. Greg doesn't mind being by himself. 

I imagine our entering into covenant membership with you all as reflecting some of the vows I made when Steve and I married. We are together for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish – or at least, I would like to aspire to that. We prayed over the quilt made for Sonja in that very spirit. She is our sister in Christ and she counts on us to hold her in prayer as we love and cherish her in this time of sickness.

We did it. We connected. What a great time that was. Thanks for coming. Y'all are really a great community. We are grateful to be following Christ with you.


Liz & Family

This post is written by Liz Palmer, who hosted the first Summer Social with her family and Community Group.