A Tommie is Called to Paris

Maggie Rudorfer is a recent graduate of the University of Saint Thomas (UST), and attended Trinity City Church while she was a Tommie. In this short Q & A, Maggie shares what is next for her and how we can support her.

How did Cru at UST impact your faith?

During my freshman year, Jesus Christ completely captivated my heart after truly grasping the Gospel, and I became heavily involved with Cru, a Christian organization on campus.

As I grew in my relationship with the Lord, I learned how to share my faith and help new believers grow in their walks with Him. It has been exciting to see God use me to reach others with the Gospel and I have realized that people all over the world need to hear about Christ’s love for them.

How did you connect with Trinity City Church? What role did this local church play during your time at UST?

I first connected with Trinity City Church during the Spring Semester of my freshman year while attending the University of Saint Thomas after being invited by a few close friends. Throughout my years at UST, Trinity City Church became a place that allowed so much growth in my walk with the Lord, as I set out to experience what it meant to truly have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Now that you graduated, what do you believe the Lord is calling you to do next?

After earnestly praying for God to use me however He wanted after I graduated, I learned of an opportunity to go to Paris, France for an internship with Cru to reach college students with the Gospel. Paris is known to be the City of Lights, but when it comes to spirituality and faith, this city is known to be extremely dark. There is apathy towards the Gospel, but the Lord has been moving tremendously in this city. I decided to say yes to this opportunity, and I cannot wait to be a part of what the Lord is doing in this city.

What do you hope to accomplish in Paris?

My desire is to see the Gospel intersect the lives of students in Paris as they are given the opportunity to have a personal, life transforming relationship with Christ and experience intentional community. My desire is that the City of Lights would become a Light to the World!

How can others partner with you?

Like many other mission organizations, Cru does not have central funds to pay for staff and interns. I must find a team of people to partner with me in reaching the students of Paris both prayerfully and financially.

As I take this large step of faith to serve the Lord in ministry overseas, would you prayerfully consider partnering with me to see the Gospel go forth in France?

If you desire to give, there are two options for giving:

  1. Committing to giving an amount monthly while I’m in Paris

  2. Giving a one-time gift

Both options can be done online through my give page: https://give.cru.org/0882224

I pray that you will consider joining my ministry team both prayerfully and financially. At this point, I am extremely close to reaching my goal, but would love help in finishing by next week! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Email me here!