We're only five months into 2018, but we're just a few months away from finishing the ministry year for Trinity City Church.

During the 2017-2018 ministry year, we've been in the midst of a “reset” that will be wrapping up this summer.

TCC reset blog 02.png

If you're new to TCC, we're currently transitioning from a a 100+ church to a 200+ church.

This transition has included re-organizing our staff and leadership teams as well as re-thinking the 2018 budget.

Some of these things have already taken place. The 2018 budget is approved, we hired two new Ministry Assistants on staff, and we've voted in new members of the Governance Team.

Other things that are taking place and/or are in the midst of a reset:

  • The Overseer Team will start training potential candidates to increase the size of the team.
  • More effort and support will be given to Community Groups and their leaders in order to multiply beyond 10 groups in September.
  • The leadership teams of Trinity are still assessing what other staff hires need to be made circa summer.
  • Finally, an important part of this reset is re-energizing our congregation and volunteers through storytelling. We will be increasing communication about how God is calling so many of you in your lives to make disciples who join God in the renewal of our city and world. In fact, we want to hear your story right here.

But as the reset wraps up this coming summer, what’s next for the 2018-19 ministry year?

More on that in the next journal entry.