Trinity Faces - Micah Taylor

This week we will be getting know Micah Taylor in our effort to learn more about the people that make up Trinity City Church. Be sure to check out Instagram and Facebook this week as Micah shares life from his point of view.

What neighborhood do you live in?

I guess since Whitney said West 7th is "the best one", I'll say the bestest one: Highland Park.

What’s your occupation?

I'm a husband and dad who gets paid to design websites. I also occupy myself with music, photography, bicycling, and co-owning a bakery.

What’s something a lot of people don’t know about you?

Most folks at TCC don't know that, for most of my life, I had really long hair. Mother nature is a cruel barber.

What's your favorite thing about living in the Twin Cities?

The bicycle/fitness culture is inspiring. And yes, I try to bike in the winter; I have the broken collarbone to prove it.

How long have you attended TCC?

A year and a half-ish... I'm not good with dates... ask my wife.

What’s something you appreciate about TCC?

Well, the welcoming people first and foremost. That being said I appreciate the meshing of the old and the new at TCC. Raised in a liturgical church and coming previously from a more passionately evangelical church, I appreciate that there is a home for both at TCC.

Micah Taylor