Music Ministry

This ministry facilitates musical worship in such a way that the main instrument is congregational singing. The music ministry strives for excellence in music performance; not for entertainment purposes, but to avoid distraction in pursuit of the ultimate purpose of directing the praise of the congregation to Jesus Christ.

Some of the musical influences for our church include Indelible Grace, Red Mountain, Hope Hymns, and Young Oceans

If you'd like more information on the music ministry at Trinity City Church, or are interested in joining the music team, please contact us.  


On Sunday we gather corporately to focus on Jesus the Christ because his gospel of grace changes everything. Each part of the Sunday Gathering focuses on Jesus because such an emphasis both edifies believers and engages those who are exploring the faith. At a typical Sunday Gathering, expect ancient and modern hymns set to new music, sermons that go through a book of the Bible, and weekly Communion. Here are the details on our Order of Worship: 

Gathering: Each week we have the joy of joining what is continuously happening in heaven–the worship of Jesus (Revelation 5:11-14). This part of worship includes a gathering song, a welcome and call to worship, and a preparatory song.

Proclaiming: All Scripture proclaims Jesus the Messiah (Luke 24:44). We dig deep into Scripture because it points us to the glory of God in Jesus Christ. This part of worship includes the Scripture reading and expository preaching, and sometimes a testimony.

Communing: We take communion every week because during this time Christians are nourished as we remember and proclaim the Lord’s death until he returns (1 Corinthians 11:26). In order to prepare to take the Lord’s Supper, and in response to the preaching of God’s word, we confess our sins through prayer, we are assured of  God’s forgiveness in Christ, and we read the Lord’s Prayer or the Apostles Creed, or say the “prayers of the people.”

Responding: Being exposed to the gospel in preaching and taking Communion elicits a response. In the part of corporate worship, we respond by singing songs and giving our offering. We deeply enjoy music at Trinity City Church. The goal of following Jesus is to be filled with the Spirit, which overflows with corporate singing and thanksgiving (Ephesians 5:18-21). We sing most of our songs after the sermon so that we can respond to his Word.

Sending: An encounter with Jesus results in a Spirit-filled response to proclaim the gospel locally, nationally and globally (Luke 24:46-53; Acts 1:4-12; cf. Matthew 28:18-20). We end each service with a closing song, a call to mission, and a benediction. We leave corporate worship with the purpose that God will be glorified in everything we do.