Getting Through the 2016 Twin Cities Marathon

This Sunday the runners in the Twin Cities Marathon will be going through our neighborhood via Summit Avenue. If you're coming to the Sunday Gathering from north of Summit, then you'll have no problem getting to the church building. However, if you're coming from south of Summit or from south Minneapolis, then you may have some of your typical routes blocked off. Here is what we recommend:

  • Get on Ayd Mill Road from St. Clair, then take St. Clair to the end of Ayd Mill, which will then merge onto Selby. Here is a map of the suggested route.
  • If you're coming from south Minneapolis, then you may want to travel north to I-94 east and exit off of Snelling. Here is a map of the suggested route. 
  • Give yourself some extra time. The earlier you leave, the better. 
  • If you're able to bike to church, then you'll also have no problems getting there.