Immanuel Fellowship - Trent Senske

This week Immanuel Fellowship and it’s pastor Trent Senske are taking over Trinity’s social media. Check back through out the week as we will be getting a glimpse into Trinity’s first church plant

What neighborhood do you live in?

Bancroft. Minneapolis, MN. 

What’s your vocation?


What's your favorite thing about living in the Twin Cities?

The seasons. Really! Everyone in my family has a different favorite season. Living on the Southside gives us the privilege of experiencing urban seasons and also quick access to the most beautiful parks and lakes anywhere. 

How long have you been planting IF?

Laura and I moved back home to Minnesota in August 2016. So, in some ways we have been planting Immanuel Fellowship since then, but back then we didn't have a name or neighborhood for the church. We merely moved to pursue God's call on our lives to plant urban, multiethnic churches. After getting assessed through the Acts 29 Network, I spent a year doing training through Fellowship Associates and another year as a Pastoral Resident at Trinity City Church.

How do you serve at IF?

Church planting is not for the faint of heart, nor for those don't like to wear many hats! In short, I get to serve Immanuel Fellowship as its founding pastor. That's the answer to the "vocation" question, but it might be more helpful to say that I serve the church uniquely as the direction setter and the team leader. 

What’s something you appreciate about IF?

Hmmm... one of the things I love about Immanuel Fellowship thus far is that our people are "unassuming." Don't get me wrong, the people God has called into planting the church are a bunch of All-Stars. Every week I find something out like, "Oh, didn't know that guy has been a part of starting 3 businesses. Wow, she is opening her own music venue. Geez, I had no clue he's been mentoring those high school dudes and helping them get to graduation." Our crew is wonderfully talented but they don't wear it on their sleeves. There is a humility about them and a servant-hearted mindset among them. I pray the Lord sustains that quality and that many in our neighborhoods are attracted to it.