Questions for Christians Sermon Series

Questions for Christians.jpg

This Sunday we start a new sermon series called “Questions for Christians.” We did this series back in 2014 as well. The 2018 series repeats three questions from 2014 (numbers 2, 3, and 8 below) and adds five new questions.

For several weeks, the congregation submitted common questions they receive from those who don’t identify with the Christian faith. The selected questions below include the most asked questions or questions with common themes.

Here is the schedule for the series:

  1. (09/23) How is the church any different than a business protecting its brand?

  2. (09/30) Is Christianity and science compatible?

  3. (10/07) Why does God allow so much suffering in this world?

  4. (10/14) Don't the OT stories and laws contradict the life and teachings of Jesus?

  5. (10/21) How can Christians be so hateful and arrogant?

  6. (10/28) Do Christians really believe God torments people in hell for eternity?

  7. (11/04) What is the relationship between the Christian faith and politics?

  8. (11/11) Why do Christians have such a narrow view of sex?