Building Updates

It's Time to Update the Sign

This old sign has communicated to our city three different ministries for many years. Church of the Good Shepherd (formally called First Trinity Methodist Church), which is the church who built this building in 1913 and owned it until 2012, first installed this sign. Then we rented this building beginning in 2010 and stripped their logo off to put our old logo up. When the building sold to a Nigerian ministry in 2012, another logo went over our old one. Finally, when we bought the building on the last day of 2015, we took down the former owner's sign to find our old logo still there.

When you look closely at this sign you see remnants of these three ministries. It's interesting history but not good to look at. It's time to take down this sign to put up a new one now that we own the property. We want to communicate through this sign who we are and that this building is our home. Below is a mockup of the new sign that a company will install in the next couple months.

Like any good sign, may this one point beyond itself to this church community God is growing to bring renewal to our city and world.