Faith and Work

Commissioning the Class of 2016

In Christ, we are stewards who integrate our faith with our work. This Christian identity is vital in our ability to carry out the mission to make disciples who join God as he makes all things new. Annually, we highlight our identity as stewards by commissioning graduates who are about to begin their careers or go on for more studies. Just as many churches commission missionaries into the mission field, so too we commission graduates into the marketplace. 

This last Sunday, we commissioned students from the University of Saint Thomas, Macalester College, Saint Catherine University, and the University of Minnesota. These are students with degrees in medicine, science, education, archaeology, engineering, and business. Many are graduating with bachelor degrees and some with doctorate degrees. All of them have a vision to enter into the marketplace in order to glorify God and work for the common good of their neighbor. 

May our Lord bless the work of their hands for his glory!